Deportation Defense Lawyer

Unlike the criminal justice system, when a person is placed in deportation or removal proceedings, they are not entitled to legal counsel, rather they have the right to hire an Experienced Deportation Attorney at their own expense. Because of this it is important that when looking for the right Deportation Lawyer you make sure they have the knowledge and experience to effectively defend your rights in immigration court. Here at Michael Mendez, P.A. we pride ourselves in having served the community for over 16 years with a focus on deportation defense. Attorney Mendez has practiced before all the current immigration judges in Orlando and has further represented clients in several jurisdictions throughout the country.

How do people end up in immigration court?

There are several ways immigrants can end up in deportation or removal proceedings. The most typical is being arrested for a crime or having a criminal history which triggers an immigrant’s case to be placed in deportation or removal proceedings. Another way people end up before an immigration judge is if they are detained crossing the border or at a point of entry. Once encountered by Customs and Border Protection(CBP) an immigrant will get processed and ultimately be issued what is called a Notice to Appear (NTA) which indicates the reasons why the person is being placed in deportation or removal proceedings. Lastly, when a person applies for an immigration benefit and is denied, if that person is left without any status or they have something in their past which triggers removal or deportation proceedings they will likely receive a NTA in the mail.

What is the deportation or removal proceeding process like?

Once a person is served with a Notice to Appear (NTA) if not noted in the NTA, the next step is that the immigration court will then schedule them for an initial/preliminary hearing called a “Master” hearing. Once in removal or deportation proceedings an immigrant is classified as a “Respondent.” At the Master hearing a Respondent will be expected to address the allegation s or reasons as to why they are being deported and the legal basis for their removal from the United States. At this time they will also be expected to express what their intended defense or form of relief is from removal/deportation. Once all the foregoing has been established the immigration judge he/she will then be able to set a final hearing called an “Individual” hearing to make a decision on the merits of the case.

Having an experienced Deportation Attorney by your side through all the above phases of your deportation or removal case is critical to obtaining a successful outcome in your case or in the alternative positioning your case in the best place possible for an appeal. Michael Mendez, P.A. has the experience, creativity and resources to provide you with the best possible defense relevant to the facts in your case. Schedule a consultation today to see how we can best serve you at 407-250-3333 or you can reach us toll free at 1-866-366-MLAW.